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Large CNC Mill for Processing Aluminum Patterns

Short Description:

Robust CNC machine tool designed for fast processing of large aluminum alloy workpieces, as well as wooden materials, composites, foams, and many other non-ferrous metals.                                                        ...

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  • 1: 7.5KW Liquid-cooling spindle
  • 2: Up to 12 position automatic tool changing system.
  • 3: Ball scew + servo motor for all X, Y, and Z axis.
  • 4: Welded, stress-relieved steel structure.
  • 5: Casted-iron Table with T-Slots.
  • 6: Nitrogen pneumatic load balancing system.
  • 7: It's fully customizable to suit your needs and wants.
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    Robust CNC machine tool designed for fast processing of large aluminum alloy workpieces, as well as wooden materials, composites, foams, and many other non-ferrous metals.                                                                                

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    Technical Parameters:

    Spindle 7.5KW Liquid-Cooling
    ATC Up to 12 position automatic tool changing system.
    Rapid Travel Speed XY 30m /min; Z 8m/min
    Feed Rate XY 15m /min; Z 8m/min
    Machining Accuracy ±0.03mm / 300mm
    Re-Positioning Accuracy ±0.10mm
    Travel 1500mm x 2500mm x 600mm
    X-Axis Options 1500mm / 2000mm / Increment of 500mm
    Y-Axis Options 2500mm / 4000mm / Increment of 500mm
    Z-Axis Options 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm
    Table Casted-iron
    Structure Welded, stress-relieved steel structure.
    Drive System
    X-Axis Ball Screw + Servo Motor
    Y-Axis Ball Screw + Servo Motor
    Z-Axis Ball Screw + Servo Motor
    Z-Axis Load Balancing Nitrogen pneumatic load balancing system.
    Control System Syntec
    Controller Style Industrial Large Screen w/ keyboard
    Addon Equipments Removable Rotary Axis
    Safety Gate
    Automatic Lubricator
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  • 1. Mold/Pattern Fabrication - Aluminum molds and patterns, Wooden patterns, Lost-foam casting patterns, Composite material patterns.

    2. Composite Materials - Vacuum forming, Fiberglass parts, Rubber components.

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